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End to end boat loan solutions from horizon to shore

Boats can bring endless pleasure when floated by the right loan and insurance. So experienced marine finance brokers Natloans equip you with both. Forget trawling through endless lenders, finance solutions and insurance packages both on and off-line. Natloans takes care of all this ‘hard paddling’ for you. Leaving you fancy free to savour your on-water lifestyle sooner. Without the hint of a financial thundercloud gathering on the horizon.

Watertight finance solutions tailored to you

Every boat owner’s dreams are different. Perhaps you gravitate towards the long distance delights of a cruiser vessel. Or the gratifying ease of a trailer boat. Maybe you are a thrill-seeker at heart yearning to zip across the water atop a jet ski. Just as on-water tastes vary, so to do marine lovers’ circumstances. Few are fortunate enough to have cash sufficient to buy their vessel of choice upfront. So boat loans must flex to meet individual situations. No matter what your nautical pleasure or financial circumstances, Natloans connects you with a boat loan to match.

Our brokers dip into vast quality marine lender networks to identify your ideal boat loan. Drawing on years of experience and industry connections. We negotiate you the best solution available in the Australian finance market. And we do it quickly. That means no long winded loan research on your part.

Just a customised boat loan solution bearing:

  • Some of Australia’s most competitive interest rates starting at 8.49%
  • No monthly fees or additional repayment penalties
  • Simplified budgeting through fixed rates and repayments
  • Boat loan terms tailored to fit your lifestyle and needs
  • Loans enabling dealer, auction or private boat purchases
  • Your choice of new or used boats
  • Option to reduce your monthly loan repayments via a balloon payment

With easy online application and boat loan pre-approval delivered within 10 minutes. You can go boat shopping with cash buyer bargaining power much sooner than you think.

Lock your boat loan down with pristine protection

Now that you have your boat loan sorted it is time to protect your marine investment. On-water pursuits carry tonnes of fun right alongside an element of risk. Plus your boat can expose you to additional liabilities on and off the water. These include damage caused to or by your boat, arson, theft and more. Smart boat enthusiasts sail easier with comprehensive insurance on board. Natloans boat finance brokers can take care of this too. Their award winning team enjoy networks with many of Australia’s leading marine insurers. So in addition to connecting you with watertight finance, they can team you with premium insurance protection. Again Natloans specialise in individualised solutions. So you will pay only for the cover that you and your boat require. Nothing extra.

Speak to Natloans today for bespoke boat loans and insurance solutions. So your boat is financially sound from hull to stern.