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Boat Insurance

It’s all smooth sailing with the right boat insurance

Do you wait all year for the opportunity to take out the yacht? Long for the spray of the ocean on your face? The calm of the deep blue sea? Well imagine these moments ripped away from you. Your sea craft lost to you from an unruly sea accident or theft. Unfortunately you can’t always be prepared for the unexpected. What you can do is protect yourself from the financial stress of these situations. The right boat insurance is protection you can rely on.

Insuring your boat before you hit the high sea

Like any valuable asset you wouldn’t leave anything to chance. Owning a boat is no difference. Boat insurance is a necessity before you even consider tackling the ocean. Cover is available for all seacrafts including pleasure crafts, jet skis and speed boats. Your craft will have cover in the event of accidental loss or damage.

Your boat’s value is not the only thing that needs to be considered when selecting cover. When you operate a sea craft you could also be liable for damage to others’ property. You could even be held financially responsible for the death or injury of others. Leaving you exposed to a debt that could land you in very hot water. Boat insurance offers you peace of mind and protects you from:

  • Accident loss or damage to your boat, including fire damage
  • Theft or malicious acts against your craft
  • Liability including that for death or injury and damage to others’ property

Like car insurance you will be able to select from third party cover or comprehensive insurance options to suit your circumstances.

Your boat will be seaworthy with the right insurance

Have you been putting off boat insurance because you just don’t have the time? The thought of trawling through endless policy documents turning you greens about the gills? Don’t drown in policy mumbo jumbo. Let the experts help. Experienced insurance brokers Natloans can alleviate the stress of finding the right insurance policy for you. With access to a broad network of trusted providers, Natloans will save you valuable time and money. So with your new boat insurance policy you can sail the sea with confidence.