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We have loan options for all water crafts. Apply online in less than 5 minutes and speak to one of our loan consultants.

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Boat Loan Tips

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Boat finance to meet your budget

‘Hope floats’ with boat finance

Come on in – the water is fine. Nautical aficionados can realise their boat ownership aspirations with well-tailored boat finance options. Whether your goal is to clinch that dream boat you thought was out of your budget. Or simply to procure a deluxe pleasure craft through optimal streamlined financial channels. Set yourself sea-bound with a personally tailored boat loan.  Don’t forget to bolster your very own ‘luxury liner’ with comprehensive insurance cover too. So you and your vessel are set to weather any storm.

Set your seafaring sights on the right boat finance

Jet ski. Cruiser craft. Trailer boat. Everyone has their own unique marine ambition. Yet just thinking about how to fund your coveted vessel can be enough to give you a sinking feeling. Fortunately there are boat loan solutions to match your budget and lifestyle commitments. With a loan funding your purchase that craft you’ve been dreaming of becomes yours up front. While your lender takes the boat as security you avoid large cash outlay while reaping benefits like:

  • Zero monthly fees to ease your personal money management
  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • Freedom to make additional payments without attracting penalties
  • Fixed rates and repayments to eliminate surprise costs throughout your boat loan
  • Balloon payment option to further lower your loan repayments
  • Full freedom of choice to buy from either dealerships or private vendors
  • Transfer of boat title to you upon the conclusion of your loan term and final payment

Bargain the best deal with a pre-approved boat finance

Negotiating clout counts for plenty when it comes to obtaining the best price on your boat. So approaching vendors with loan pre-approval gives you cash-in-hand bargaining power. Streamlined finance brokers like Natloans can clinch you boat loan pre-approval in a matter of minutes. You don’t even need to leave home (or cabin) to arrange it. Simply complete an easy boat loan application online. Natloans puts wind in your boat finance sails by connecting you to a pool of quality nautical lenders. Helping you tailor boat loan terms to your unique circumstances. With direct lines to comprehensive boat insurance cover too, Natloans is your one-stop-port for end to end boat loan solutions.